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Fuel Cells

Your Fuel Storage Solutions​

Fuel Cells

Your Fuel Storage Solutions


Fill level: 1000L

Bunding tank vent

Inlet and outlet ports

Forklift pockets and breather pipe

Main tank breather

Australia's Market Leading Fuel cells

Globe Power’s Fuel cells have been built to suit various industries and provide a broad range of solutions. They provide renewable, low emission and safe solutions, at a low running cost. 

  • Cost effective 
  • Purpose Built
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Australian designed & engineered
  • Durability

Cost effective

Environmentally friendly

Purpose built

Australian designed & engineered

Fuel cells benefits

Fuel cells provide the best fuel storage solution alongside many benefits.  
Cost savings is one of the main advantages as you can achieve a better fuel management and budget efficiently, whilst also saving time to travel to fuel stations.  

  • Self bunded storage – 1,000 to 4500 litres
  • Ideal for refuelling equipment such as generators and industrial tools

The fuel cell range is ideal for a number of applications including: 

  • Civil works and road works 
  • Carpark lighting  
  • Sporting and recreational lighting  
  • Night time construction work  
  • Off grid locations 
  • Mining camps  
  • Events  
  • Agriculture 
  • Supplied by hire companies to end customers